Do locksmiths fix door knobs?

Do locksmiths fix door knobs?


Do locksmiths fix door knobs?

Do locksmiths fix door knobs?
Do locksmiths fix door knobs?

Whether you’re leaving the house for the day, trying to close up the office or attempting to seal the bedrooms before vacation, your hand comes into contact with a door knob. Upon noticing that a problem is present, you may immediately go to call the locksmith. However, you should stop to determine if the recipient of this call is the proper one.

Key Problems
When you’re struggling to open or close up the door, you might think that the issue is definitely with the door knob. Stop for a minute; take a look at the key. You may notice that the key is bent or that a part of it is chipped off. If that is the case, then you actually have a problem with the key. Therefore, a locksmith is definitely the first call you want to make.

Lock Problems
Another obvious sign that you should call a locksmith is if the lock itself is acting up. You may feel resistance as you are trying to turn the key in the door, or you may notice that the lock doesn’t look as it usually does when you open up the door. A problem with a lock is one that the locksmith can resolve. Essentially, the interior of the door knob is probably not working. Therefore, you would need to speak with someone who specializes in locks in order to resolve the issue.

Other Problems
If you think that the door knob is the issue, a decent chance exists that you need to call a locksmith. However, it’s also possible that the door knob is loose. You may be able to resolve that issue by yourself with a screwdriver. The door knob could also be rotting or chipped, so you may need to get a new door knob or put another coat of paint on the one that you currently have. In the event that a locksmith is not the right call and you cannot resolve the issue without outside assistance, you can look into hiring a neighborhood handyman.

Call the Locksmith
Sometimes, people create bigger issues for themselves because they are afraid to call the locksmith. If you aren’t sure whether your door-knob issue can be resolved by a locksmith, just call. When speaking on the phone, explaining the issue as clearly and articulately as possible is important. You may also be able to send pictures via email of the problem to the locksmith company. While they can’t necessarily diagnose the problem through email, they can at least get a better sense of whether the issue is one that their company can tackle by coming to the location.

When you are uncertain about whether or not a locksmith can perform a certain service, you should call the company. In the event that company is unable to assist you with your need, you may find that the representative can at least provide you with a suggestion of whom to call.


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