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Locks are a must-have security feature in the world today. Although locks offer a lot of benefits in terms of security they can also lead to trouble if you get locked out. Old locks often stop working completely and jam.

When do lockouts happen?

People can get locked in, and they can get into lockouts at any place be it in the apartment or in the car. Locks can sometimes malfunction unexpectedly and you might not be aware of getting stuck. Getting out of a lockout situation in Queens was a chore in the past. Often the locksmiths were not available or they were far off, and people did not have time to wait for them to arrive and help.

Locked out?

We help you keep you out trouble in summer, winter, spring and fall. Locksmiths ensure that your locking system is perfect 365 days a year. Locksmith Queens work on both commercial properties like offices and public buildings and also on residential properties.

lockoutDial to get out of a lockout

The specialists can fix your lock in no time and save you a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been a major inconvenient showstopper in your daily life. Locks are getting jammed and trapping you are no longer an issue. All you have to do is to dial us and we will be at your service.

Residential Properties:

Locksmith Queens work on residential properties. Our locksmith services are available in the Queens area, and we will be right at your doorstep as soon as you call us.locked out The service offer free quotes, affordable rates and we also work on all sorts of lock systems.

One stop solution provider:

The specialists will protect your friends and family members from falling victim to lockouts and keep them safe from getting trapped in rooms or offices or automobiles. Locksmith Queens is the best solution provider for all your needs

Fast Service:

The specialists will protect your friends and family members from falling victim to lockouts and keep them safe from getting trapped in rooms or offices or automobiles. Locksmith Queens is the best solution provider for all your locking system needs at your home or office or even your automobile.

Commercial Properties:

The service extends to commercial properties also. Our locksmith services are to residential properties alone. Locksmith Queens work on offices and corporate buildings. Our technicians can fix your lock at a time of your convenience. These experts ensure that business continues as usual and also secure your employees from lockout troubles.

Lock Servicing:

We are in Queens area, and you just have to dial us, and we will be at your doorstep in no time to service your locks.

Locksmith services in Queens, NY

Locksmith services in Queens was a chore in the past, and the few service providers did not provide affordable rates and this often led to frustrating experiences in most cases. Delay in getting the help of a locksmith to break out of a lockout situation worsens the issue and is also dangerous and a health hazard at times. It is important to pay attention to the functioning of your locking system.locked out

We make it easy!

Locksmith Queens resolve lockouts in a very fast time. The process is no longer a tedious process the way it once was.

Free Quotes, Affordable Rates:

Lock replacement and lockout resolution can be expensive, and often the service is not worth the price. Locking systems keep breaking down frequently and fixing them requires a lot of time and it is at times a painfully difficult task to get out of a lockout situation.

Top Service at the best rates:

Locksmith Queens understand the pain points of our customers. image_01cWe offer competitive rates and service that is top notch. We get you out of lockouts in time. Our specialists maintain your locks to keep it from malfunctioning again and again.

Fast and effective service:

Our lockout service is fast and also effective. We can help you at any time of your convenience as we work throughout the week.

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Call Locksmith Queens today at (718) 404-4145 and we will help you fix your lock. We keep it working and help avoid lockouts and risks at home and office. You don’t have to worry about lockout problems anymore we will be taking care of the locks while you can relax.




Our Experienced Locksmiths Can Help To Repair, Replace, Or Install These Types Of Locks In Your Home Or Business:
Jimmy Proof
Double Side Cylinder
Single & Double Sided Deadbolt
All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical Keyless
Double Sided Cylinder Deadbolt
Mortise Lock
Gate Lock
Door Deadlatch
Adams Rite Locks
High-Security Locks
Cylinder Locks
Door Knob

We Offer Our Services In The Following Areas:

Long Island
New York City

We Use Locks And Install Security Systems Designed And Built By Some Of The Most Trusted Names In The Business, Including:
Jimmy Proof
Adams Rite Locks
Mortise Lock
Medeco Lock
Master Lock
Defiant Locks

We Can Provide The Following Home Lock Services:

Door Lock Change
Lock Replacement
Master Lock Service
Deadbolt Lock Service
Door Deadlatch Repair
Exterior And Interior Lock Repair
Single & Double Sided Deadbolt Repair
Door Knob Repair
Gate Lock Repair
Cylinder Locks Repair
Mounting Hardware Repair